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Josef Cool is the founder of the Inspiration Mixx.


After growing up listening to positive messages from inspirational speakers, entrepreneurs and role models, Josef has decided to share the power of music and motivation with his peers. At the age of 11 Josef started creating audios with motivational messages for young people in the USA.


After leaving school in May 2013 he set about further developing the skills and talents needed to expand the reach of this exciting format by launching a campaign to produce an inspirational CD to be given FREE of Charge to every young person in the UK.


Now he has been given an CASHPOINT award by vInspired the dream has become a reality.





Your message of inspiration matters...


We all should grow up knowing that some people like Musharaf "Mushy" Asghar need to learn in a different way from the norm, and that's OK. They shouldn't be bullied for it.


Watch the video clip - Wait till 2:49 minutes, when his hard work is put into action in front of his classmates.


Thank goodness for musical inspiration, right?

Volunteers gave their time to narrate and record inspirational speeches or quotes. We then created cool background tracks to blend with the narration.

Using several software programs, and our music production knowledge we transformed the message mixed with music to create the kind of song track you would normally listen to on the radio. It’s not rap or grime it's our own individual style of production we call the Inspiration Mixx.

Just think back for one moment...  How many potentially "life-altering" opportunities do you think you've missed out on because you were lacking in the self-belief, focus, energy, or the right motivation you needed to follow through? To a lot of young people learning new soft life skills, or personal development can sometimes be seen as boring and hard work.  

We understand the power of cool music combined with motivation... Having the right music, with the right beats, mixxed with inspirational  messages can transform your thinking and give you the mindset that will enable you to succeed in life.







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